Crew Status
Open Crewationship


  1. 2000


    Awarded for making at least 500 posts in qualified forums and getting 250 likes
  2. 10

    You're not a Creep!

    Well we think you're not a creep!
    Awarded for making 1 post in a qualified forums
  3. 10

    They Really Like Me!

    Get your first like!
  4. 1500


    Where's the paparazzi? You've had people like your posts 2000 times!
  5. 930

    Great work!

    Nice job ;)
    Awarded for making 750 posts in qualified forums
  6. 1000


    Congrats! 1000 people have liked your posts.
  7. 2500

    Best of all

    The best ever!
    Awarded for making 2500 posts in qualified forums
  8. 2000

    The best you can be

    Speechless. You have came so far with us, and we are proud you are here. Awesome job.
    Awarded for making 2000 posts in qualified forums
  9. 1000


    1000 posts that is totally amazing! GREAT WORK!
  10. 45


    45 messages you must be insane!
  11. 75

    I LOVE IT!

    Awesome job you are starting to earn respect!
    Awarded for having 75 likes on posts you've made
  12. 300

    Post, post, and post!

    You have posted over 300 messages. Are you human?
  13. 25

    Great posting!

    25 messages you are amazing!
  14. 100

    I Like It a Lot

    100 messages are you from earth!
  15. 500

    Keeps Coming Back

    Did you skip a grade in school?
    Awarded for making 500 posts in qualified forums
  16. 5

    Putting in work!

    Awesome work keep it up!
    Awarded for making 5 posts in qualified forums
  17. 0

    You're new!

    Awesome you are a new member!
    Awarded after joining the site
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