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  • Quarantine and chill with us. Come and grind in our crew lobbies. Come and enjoy, RDRO/COD/GTAO with us. Stop the spread with us. I hope everyone is well and your families and friends are well.
    I really hope you all are well and everyone you come in contact with is well. I hope you and your families are doing great as well.
    Are you under quarantine? Have you already been self quarantined because you are a gamer!? Come and run with us! We are looking for quality players like you!
    I'm out here with my Poke ball trying to catch em all. Looking for those legendary players in here. Is that you? We also take the ratatats and squirtles! I'm a Hitmonlee lol
    Did you miss me? Nah me neither.
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    @Persh how you been? It's been a while and you are one one of those pop-up shops. Thriving and bustling one day, the next couple of seasons you are gone.
    You just gotta love when there is a new member on the forum and they message every fuckin post for the last 5 years trying to recruit them. #keepthatsameenergy
    Who knew one post would get you 4 veteran players. You all better keep getting your names out there. There's plenty fish in the sea
    I had to take a break from GTAO for a grand total of two days. Those crates are paralyzingly draining.
    Updated the original post on our recruitment thread to help get players in the Crew, just a tad bit quicker. I hope it helps.
    I just finished my 2k crate mission! What a helluva time. I know there are players that have some more but this my little light...
    I'm just about 100 crate missions from 2k crates. That is crazy! I know there are others who have 3-5k done but this is my number damnit! Lol
    GTAO experienced it's highest numbers of players online with this last DLC. It's safe to say that this game isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
    7 players in the past 5 days. Wait 7 quality players in the past 7 days and over 25 in the past month. Sheesh!? We are cooking over here!
    We are enjoying a great amount of success because of great group of people players we've had for a long time. We are thing to keep building on that success.
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