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  1. NeosDumb

    The *OFFICIAL* GTA V Crews List

    Crew Name: The Industrialists - $ Social Club link: Leader Username: NeosDumb Recruitment: Crew Website: Discord / Social Club Crew Goals: Be an Organised light Business Sim Crew for the Grinders
  2. NeosDumb

    PC I’m looking for people to help with making money
  3. NeosDumb

    I want to find a active rp

    Hi, If your on PC we run a Corporate-Sim Business style light RP crew. Helps to tie us together and keeps things organised so everyone isn't going off in different directions unsure what to do, we are efficient, organised and dedicated grinders. Check out the Crew Page Here...
  4. NeosDumb

    PC Join! - 'The Industrialists' Today! - (GTA V PC Grinders Crew)

    Who are we: Crew Name: The Industrialists - $ Crew Location: EU Crew Style: Light Corporate-Sim - Private Military Contractor Game: GTA 5 Online - PC We are a new community of European PC gamers who engage in a very light non-serious Corporate-Sim style gameplay on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V...
  5. NeosDumb

    NeosDumb - GTA V PC - 'The Industrialists': Corporate Sim Crew Leader

    Hi Guys, I'm NeosDumb. I am the Crew Leader for 'The Industrialists' GTA V PC Crew I play GTA Online because I like Cars, Flying and the Business aspect of the game, this means I am mostly non-combative and act against other players only in self-defence; and as I like to conduct business in...
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