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    Hi, just joined

  2. Nugsy 1

    Fantastic Forum Site etc. Is there a Facebook Group for this Forum?

    No bookface. No twatter. No instagran. . . . Thank God!
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    Looking for buddies from UK, ideally over 30

    Nope. I didn't see the pc mention.
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    Looking for buddies from UK, ideally over 30

    It would help folk to know what platform you're on too.
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    Rules for this Forum

    I've just added the following : English language posts only please. This isn't discriminatory, it's just that we can only moderate English. Other language threads/posts will be deleted.
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    MCFB Recruitment

    If you want to catch a fish, put a worm on your hook. . . . In other words, you're gonna need to put more info than that. eg. platform, contact info, social club at least.
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    1) Read the thread linked below - It sits atop the recruitment section in CAPITAL letters for your attention. 2) Don't make any more recruitment threads. 3) Note that this post 'bumps' your thread, so no need for a new one, just stay active and post here instead...
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    PC Join the 21st AF Today!

    The following is right there at the top of the recruitment board. Get familiar.
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    Crew of the Month

    No sorry. We should really hide this stuff until that changes. We may occasionally "feature" a crew but it's been a bit quiet even for that of late.
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    Welcome to our new Roleplay Moderator : YT UK Gaming

    I think the title says it all. YT UK Gaming has already been moderating these forums for a little while and doing a good job of it. We kinda kept it quiet until now just in case he didn't! :D But he's proved himself and is now a staff member here. Welcome YT UK Gaming!
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    ANY How to create a Job yourself

    6. Press Pause > Online > Creator, then choose which job type you'd like to create. Also I'd not call it "create a mission" because Rockstar locked the mission creator. We can do : Races (Normal/GTA/Rally/Non-contact) Stunt races (becomes a stunt race on the use of any stunt prop) Transform...
  12. Nugsy 1

    PS4 QRF San Andreas- realistic milsim

    That for example would be a good way to bump this thread, rather than make a new thread for it. Any time you post below it will bump your thread. 1 bump a day max.
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    PS4 QRF San Andreas- realistic milsim

    Replying to your thread keeps it 'bumped'. Don't make any more threads.
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    Yooooo I’m Djayy Glo

    Welcome along.
  15. Nugsy 1

    Who am I?

    Nah, I don't believe that! New around here are ya? What eejit gave you moderator status?
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    Player Need help with my crew emblem??

    To make a specific emblem is a huge ask of anybody. If you don't have some specific design in mind, try for thousands of free designs.
  17. Nugsy 1


    Youtube would be your best friend on this one. That's what I did. It's been a long time since I did any so can't help because it all changes every update. is the place to go to get all your files. I guess they'd have noob info too?
  18. Nugsy 1

    Xbox One Restless MC Recruiting (Free-aim/FAA, Active)

    Fancy joining? Many do but so few get anywhere... I'll spell out why below. 1) They add me on XBL and not even try to contact me. I will not reciprocate a random friend request. Message me first. 2) They message me "can i jun yur mc?" I reply asking if they're an adult with mic...
  19. Nugsy 1

    GTA V (PC) Will be free in the Epic Games Store Today 5/14

    Nice one Persh I was gonna post this news too. Yep. Free until the 21st. Don't miss the deadline.
  20. Nugsy 1

    PS4 The Bloody Water Clan now recruiting

    Here you go Josh. unlocked and ready to recruit again. Good luck.
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