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  1. heeltoepro88

    SVG code converter

    Does anyone know how to convert pictures/graphics to SVG codes that are readable on GTA crew emblems? Don't want to spend any money at gtaemblems. Thanks in advance!
  2. heeltoepro88

    SVG Codes

    Is there anyone out there who knows how to create convert photos to SVG codes that the GTA emblem creator will accept? Not looking to spend money with gtaemblems. Thank you ahead of time.
  3. heeltoepro88


    Hey all, I'm a straight noob here! I've played GTA since San Andreas, and am on Xbox One. Feel free to add me if any of this sounds good to you, or add me on Discord @USMC REAPER 6#8513. I'm here looking to create a RP community based around gangs. I got tired of the daily life, cops/civs, and...
  4. heeltoepro88

    Xbox One Los Santos Hood/Gang/PD RP

    I thought I'd try something new for a RP server outside of the typical civilian/PD, daily life, or first responder services RP servers. I'd like to create a RP community based around gangs, their daily activities, their neighborhoods, and the law enforcement that polices them. It doesn't have to...
  5. heeltoepro88

    I have to make something...

    I was told that I have to create a post before I could make a post containing a link. So here I am. Hopefully this solves the problem. If not, sorry to anyone who read this. Have a good one!
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