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    San Andreas Emergency Services is looking for members to join one of the following departments: - Blaine County Sheriff Department - San Andreas Dispatch Communications - San Andreas Fire & Rescue - Civilian Department We offer tons of opportunities, abilities and multiple perks to...
  2. BossMan2020

    Xbox One Make a new rp server with me ?

    Msg me on discord
  3. BossMan2020

    Xbox One Make a new rp server with me ?

    So I have a lot of rp experience if you wanna team up and make a server msg me on discord Hunter M.#5142
  4. BossMan2020

    How do i join?

    Join what ?
  5. BossMan2020

    Xbox One Looking 4 Older experienced staff.

    If you are 17+ and have experience in police rp for gta5 Xbox one then msg me in discord if a offer Hunter M.#5142
  6. BossMan2020

    Any roleplay groups i can join?

    Are you looking for a professional Xbox Roleplay community? Well look no further. Mountain View Roleplay ■▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬■ Mountain View Roleplay was founded in March of 2019 we have worked hard to make a server that is setup professionally. You can Serve within one of our many...
  7. BossMan2020

    Xbox One Looking for Staff.

    Hello my names Hunter and I’m creating a new police roleplay server for Xbox 1 I have many years of experience I’ve ran and helped run many communities and I’m now looking to fill my staff positions to help me build the community and get it full if you have any experience in being staff and are...
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    Looking for head of staff ?
  9. BossMan2020

    Xbox One Signal 13 Gaming

    I would love to speak with you if you could contact me on discoed @ Hunter M.#5142
  10. BossMan2020

    ISO RP Group.

    Do you have discord???:)
  11. BossMan2020

    Xbox One SAFR Community

    I’d like to speak with you msg me on discord @ Hunter M.#5142
  12. BossMan2020

    Xbox One Mountain View RolePlay

  13. BossMan2020

    Xbox One Do you need professional staff ?

  14. BossMan2020

    Xbox One/360 Xx

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