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  1. HoSc Phenom

    Xbox One Crew vs Crew

    We are looking for any crews that still do CvC’s (Crew vs Crew) or might be interested in getting that scene back up and running, we are down to do competitive battles or training against other crews. At the minute we can do 2vs2 and in the future build it up (3vs3, 4vs4 etc). Hit me up if...
  2. HoSc Phenom

    (XBOX ONE) CvC's

    Just wondering if CvC's are still a thing nowadays?? If so and if any crews are interested the crew i'm in is looking for either crews to train with or vs in actual competitive battles. A bit more info about us, we used to play a lot of CvC's with RnG rules (autoaim) but we might be open to...
  3. HoSc Phenom

    (XBOX ONE) CvC or training??

    Yoo guys I’m a member of Hand of Shadows clan and we used to do quite a lot of competitive CvC’s but it’s been a couple years since we last done one, I’m just wondering if CvC is still a thing nowadays?? We used to play by RnG rules but might be open to other types of rules as well if any crew...
  4. HoSc Phenom

    Looking for new recruits for my crew

    I'm looking for new members to join the crew i'm in, we've been around for a few years now and are looking for new blood to join us. We are a tightknit crew that does everything gta has to offer, we also do the competitive side of gta with CvC battles. Male or female it's all cool as long as...
  5. HoSc Phenom

    Crew vs Crew battles (XBOX ONE)

    Hi, if anyone would like to set up some cvc's on xb1, serious or friendly, message me on my gt - HoSc Phenom - we can do 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and maybe 4 vs 4, anything higher will have to wait as we are a new crew.
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