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  1. kjladishere


    San Andreas Roleplay Community is a new roleplay group on Grand Theft Auto Online. SARC focuses on the civilian, fire and rescue and public safety aspects of the group to create an enjoyable roleplay experience. We plan to have the following departments: - Los Santos Police Department - Blaine...

    Xbox One British Roleplay Community Clan

    BRITISH ROLEPLAYING COMMUNITY CLAN ''The Largest British Roleplaying Community on Xbox One!" What do we offer to our members? We at BRCCHQ offer our members a chance to roleplay in a friendly, realistic, British environment. We are one of the largest communities in the Xbox Roleplaying...
  3. DSGxkillakush

    Xbox One Devil Squad is Now Recruiting!

    Devil Squad is a street gang that once ran the streets of Liberty city, taking out any and all rivals that stood in there way. From Mafias to biker gangs. All feared them and those brave enough to challenge there way of life were never heard from again striking even more fear into the hearts of...
  4. X

    San Andreas RP

    San Andreas Roleplay Community is looking for members! We currently have SAPD, SASD, SAHP, SAFD, and Dispatch. (Fully Functioning CAD/MDT)(Disocrd with Banking System)(Radio Channel) (16+) If you want a mature professional RP experience where FRP is (STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED) join here! We will be...
  5. breakthings

    PC Infernal Punks MC - Now Recruiting - R* Featured

    We are one of the most active and dominant 1% MCs to establish ourselves within the streets of the GTAV PC community. A dedicated group of brothers and sisters who put loyalty and respect towards each other above all else. The "Infernal Punks MC" (IPMC for short) is an outlaw motorcycle...
  6. cprize

    PS4 187X Motorcycle Club now recruiting..(187XCREW)

    WELCOME TO 187X motorcycle club recruitment page! We have been running for a few years, with both male and female members, 5+ chapters, as well as a support/hangaround and prospect chapter. We have members from America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe...

    PS4 Rajeet's Wacky Life

    Rajeet Longstocking is an Indian Millionaire Bank Owner who likes to get wasted on drugs mainly Cocaine and he does not care much for the law. He lives a wacky life as you will see in this video as well as the upcoming videos of him. If you enjoy watching these type of videos leave a like and...
  8. M


    SAFR stands for San Andres First Responders. We are looking for staff as well as members for our server. We are trying to get our community up and running and we just need members to join. This is the discord link: We hope to see you soon on the server
  9. Alphonse Gabriel Capone

    Noire style House?

    So, im looking for a house thats has that 40s noire feel and i need help trying to find a house or penthouse with a vintage style interior. Please and thank you.
  10. Panda_Merkage

    Queens rebels is recruiting!

    Queens rebels (Qnrs) are looking for crew members. Yes I only created this crew today and there is only me in the crew but with your help we can make it successful! Queen rebels wants you!!
  11. 41-AP

    XBOX 360 GTA 5 RP

    I am looking for serious RP to help build a channel I have. What we are looking for. PD / FD / EMS / PILOTS / CIVS / DISPATCH / MODS / ADMINS Let me know if you are interested. DM me Thanks
  12. T


    San Andreas Realism RP. Wide variety of departments. Be 14 y/o and have Discord. We are professional and realistic.
  13. D

    Xbox One/360 RECRUITMENT FOR DSC (Delta Security Corporation)

    DSC OFFICIAL RECRUITMENT XBOX ONE! We are a very active Milsim looking to recruit new members into DSC. You are required to go through Basic Training before you can join. We are always looking for new members every day. I am the co founder of DSC. We do require you to have discord and be active...
  14. Venom23210

    Xbox One GTA 5 ROLEPLAY

  15. Jugglaburk

    PC Small, swedish crew?

    Country: Sweden Age: 30 Social club name: Jugglaburk Platform: PC, Steam I do have a microphone and Discord. Targeting mode: Free aim. Contact or non-contact races: Non contact. My favourite in-game activities: *Time trials. *Casual driving and flying around in freemode. *Friendly...
  16. H

    Xbox One South Land Roleplay

    Hello, Welcome! We are currently recruiting people for my server, South Land Roleplay Community on Xbox One. Things you need Discord (Free App) Grand Theft Auto (obviously) And an Xbox one (yes, yes I do need to put this still lol We have many RP options: Leo EMS/Fire Civilian (any job you...
  17. TechSavage05

    Xbox One Recruitment for xbox one doj group

    Welcome to LSRP a newly created Xbox one Police and Civilian Role playing server! If you wish to apply check out the links below! LSRP is looking for any members experienced or not that love to role play! LSRP is a strict but fun role playing server with great staff and members! LSRP has...
  18. Beaniebluntz

    Join GroveStreet OOGZ

    We are recruiting!!! Any and everybody that wants to get money with a crew!!! Heists daily, stand your ground daily, Bunker work, CEO work, and anything else on GTAV!!! We promote fast and members are all over the globe, so no matter the time zone you can get $ with your crew!!! Join...
  19. itsOxiboxi

    PS4 LSPD Roleplay [New]

    Hello everyone, today I will be starting, and opening up my very own realistic Role-play community. In this community we have the following groups. Now anybody can be anything, its all up to you. I train everyone before they are allowed to a session. * Police * EMS * Fire * Civilian Why Us...
  20. Pennywise

    Xbox One Blaine county roleplay

    Blaine county roleplay is now recruiting in every department! This roleplay takes place in sandy shores, grapeseed, and harmony. We need cops, civs, and dispatch. even if you don't have an Xbox you can join and be dispatch! If you are interested join this Disocrd.
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