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  1. oCrusxde

    Xbox One GTAV RolePlay Community [San Andreas Life]

    SaLife is a California based roleplay server on Xbox One. The community have been founded since May 2019 but recently revived as of June 2020. The leaders of SaLife have had many years of RP experience. The community is a very active close-knit group with roleplays held 3-4 times a week. We have...
  2. S


    We operate on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County to protect and serve in the name of justice and the law. Unlike some clans, we take our work very seriously and do not tolerate any immaturity, foolishness or disrespect. Our members are highly trained in their duties, and we have the...
  3. Cameron Keetley

    Xbox One DORP

    Come and join DORP We have a great CAD/MTD system Working economy system Departments: LEO - In LEO we have other sub divisions such as SRU and many more to come Civilian - In the Civ department we do great scenes to the highest extent of realism with different ranks progress through allowing...
  4. Ethan228

    Xbox One CDOJ Roleplaying Community | 300+ Members |

    California Department of Justice Roleplay Community XBOX ONE CLICK HERE TO JOIN Available Staff Positions FEATURES; - Active CAD/MDT - Realistic Roleplay Experience - Bank/Store Economy System - Real California Penal Codes - Court System - Virtual Jail - County Hall *Hiring Judges and...
  5. SportThiefGaming

    Xbox One SAPCORP GTA V LifeRp

    Hello everyone! I run a Xbox One GTA 5 Roleplay Community called S.A.P.C.O.R.P or San Andreas Police and Civilian Operations Role Play! We are a LifeRp group. That has games everyday! We have a working economy system in our discord and we have a working cad/mdt system! We offer many different...
  6. Antonio Guertin


    Hello my name is Antonio Guertin and I am part of Board Of Director's and I'm recruiting for a group Called LERP. We are a great community that has a lot of experienced roleplayers and we are eager to get more members for our community so we can roleplay together. We have the following...
  7. R

    Trifecta Role-Plays

    Professional life role-playing community that has been active for just over a year. Very professional Police Department that is hiring! If you're interested in simulating real law enforcement to best of your abilities in GTA, join the City of Los Santos Police Department of Trifecta. Contact me...
  8. L


    Hello, my name is Chief Morgan with the Los Santos Police Department! We at NLRP are looking for creative, mature PS4 players to join our community. We stand out with our realistic CAD for Emergency Services, our plate/player database, and our wonderful admins. We are recruiting Civilians...
  9. Bewick13UK

    Join Us

    Another Life Community is the New fastest growing UK 16+ LifeStyle RolePlay community server on XBox-One. We are always looking for Roleplayers to come and join our fun friendly Community. Live a whole new life as a Civilion doing your dream job, be part of an emergency service or even try your...
  10. GTARPS

    [*RP] Government & Life Role-Play: Recruitment Open

    Government Role Play: GTARPS is celebrating over 6 years of excellence - Conceived in 2009 and founded in 2011, GTARPS has ascended to the position of the premier Government Role-Play organization for Xbox One. GTARPS emulates the United States Government as closely as possible, to provide...
  11. Bewick13UK

    Xbox One Another Life Community

    Another Life Community is a new UK 16+ Life Style roleplay community looking to build a fun friendly exciting gaming experience for its members. NO experience is nessasary. Live a new life as a civilian, emergancy services celebrities or even take up the criminal lifestyle. Find us on Instagram...
  12. T

    Come and Join The Journey!

    Hello and thank you for taking an interest in The Journey RP. We are an Xbox One Life Roleplay Crew, that takes professionalism and realism to the next level. The administration team have taken months to fully develop our crews organization and have an average of 7 years role-playing. We have...
  13. ItsAFork

    Los Santos Life Roleplay

    Los Santos Life Roleplay Civilian & Police About Us: Los Santos Life Roleplay is an upcoming Roleplay community. We operate from a strong base of commitment, respect and honesty. Without this, we would not have the ability to create one of the best and immersive communities to date. We've...

    We're back!

    Hello everyone! We are excited to announce that we are now hosting Emergency Services RP's again on Xbox One. For more information please message me here or on XB1 at GT: Commander 257 TECF is proud to be partnered with Insaniac Gaming.
  15. X

    Police Roleplaying Community [PS4] [PC]

    Los Santos Crime Stoppers Is Currently Recruiting!!! LSCS is a Realistic and Professional Community On Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 ONLY!!! LSCS Provides Roleplayers A Realistic And Professional Experience In GTA Online. The Los Santos Crime Stoppers Community Provides Roleplayers...
  16. Blaine County DPS

    Blaine County DPS - Recruiting Members

    About Us: Blaine County DPS is the place to bring your GTAOnline character to life. We are a realistic and professional role-play community on PlayStation 4. Members come from all around the United States and other countries to enjoy our style of role-play. Founded in February 2014 with a...
  17. Alec0705

    San Andreas Emerency Service Roleplay Crew

    Hi, I am Alec a.k.a DJ MASTER ALEC. I help run an emergency service roleplay clan that is not just emergency service. If you are a civilian you can have a backstory, job, house, kids (if you choose) as well you can have relationships. If you choose to be a Police Officer you can perform traffic...
  18. xoDesires


    Looking For An active Life role play or something similar on Xbox one Gamer tag: xo Desires
  19. Jake Simmons


    About our Government: USGRPC IS A GOVERNMENT/LIFE ROLEPLAY clan and we are dedicated to bring the exprience of real life activity and government to life in GTA V for ps4 and USGRPC Is a clan based on maturity and professionalism. *USGRPC is currently active on Playstation 4. TO JOIN USGRPC YOU...
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