PS4 8 years strong for what? Welcome to the Chronic Kings

What are your top two things you look for in a crew before joining?

  • Do you have a cool crew colour?

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Talking Troll
Got back into online about 2 months ago. Found a large crew with a dozen hardcore members and a few dozen casual players. I went away for like 3 days for work, and there was a massive revolt of the hardcore players. So, now, the old crew is full of casuals who never do anything. I'm normally a daily player, with longer play times on the weekends. East coast player with a microphone.


English Teacher
I hope you guys are more active on the actual game than you are on gtavcrews and socialclub....request still pending.


English Teacher
Looking to join a active a daily player...have jets choppers most sports cars, buisnesses and bunkers. I'm ranked 140+ and my KD ratio is 1.35. My psn is -true82relgion also have and use a Mic.

Michael Farr

hey man this is about week 4 in the game. Been roaming free mode and maing money each and every way I can in game. But most of the time I'm rolling solo, and would like to check out the crew life. Maybe I could roll with some of y'all sometime soon just hit me up. Gt- mykool_mk


Smooth Talker
PS4 PLAYERS. We are still looking for You! Come join our ready built squad and start improving your gameplay now. We are active, help out our members and have a lot of fun as a group.


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If you are interesting in improving your in game shooting. Come hang with us this evening for an hour. We have won the GTA World TDM Tournie four times for four years consecutively and will be going over tips and combat training, mainly for beginners. Full details on our Twitter page.


Smooth Talker
Still as active as ever! Looking for a GTAV crew to play with come and see If you have what it takes!

Changing the title from 5 years strong to 8 years strong ... #TeamCRKS
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