A few funky jobs


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Here are a few jobs I'd like to share, hope you enjoy (if you can give some feedback that would be great and be sure to share some jobs with me if you do and I'll do the same)

Breaking Bad 2

Walter's back and looking to cook again! Only problem is Jesse's back and has the same idea! Both have picked the same spot and have their own RV's and crew ready to go! Get to the spot in your RV first while stopping the other team!

Faggio Loco

A race through tight alleys on faggios, crazy as a gta race.

Zancudo Control Tower

Deathmatch in the restricted area, Zancudo Air Traffic Control Tower

Prison Weed

The guards have taken the all the weed from the prisoners, which gang can steal it back and keep hold of the majority?

Highway Heist

Team 1 are transporting cases of cash to Paleto Bay Bank in armoured trucks! Team 2 must ambush them on their journey and get the loot back to base! Team 1 respawn as cops to try and stop Team 2 getting back to base! Teamwork is essential and so is picking the right spot to ambush. Team 1's best bet is to stick together!

Paleto Bay Bank Heist

The Cops need to react fast to stop the thieves, with 16 players this could finish fast if the bank robbers pull off a perfect heist! Willies Supermarket sells guns so watch out for those clowns trying to be a hero! BEST WITH FORCED+PICKUPS!

Cops and Robbers

Robbers escape the bank to find the police are seconds away! I ain't goin back!!!

Trevor's Beach Demo Derby

All out desctruction in front of sun bathers and douches, for a proper Demo Derby turn CUSTOM VEHICLES OFF! 1st half of the lap is an oval and 2nd is figure of 8 with jumps! Get's crazy with lots of players, you can go from 1st to last in no time!

Skipping Stones

Get to the island on your motorcycle, your gonna need some air!

The Vinewood GP

The blockbuster race under the Vinewood sign!

Thanks for reading!! :rastatroll: ;) :saywhatagain:
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