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We operate on the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County to protect and serve in the name of justice and the law. Unlike some clans, we take our work very seriously and do not tolerate any immaturity, foolishness or disrespect. Our members are highly trained in their duties, and we have the most sophisticated roleplay out of all of the police roleplay clans on this game, with PS4. We currently operate on PlayStation 4 only. *** The D.P.S would like to announce we are hiring for our newly released crooks detachment! You can apply to either be a cop, or a crook! This starts immediately.*** We expect people who join us to be active in the clan, whether the Commissioner is online or not. We currently patrol on PS4 with Grand Theft Auto V. We are a serious police clan, and so is our roleplay. Our training is so advanced, and it takes time in order to get used to it while on patrol.

We don't hire kids, we hire people that can be mature and intelligent. We are hiring! If you would like to apply, to be a cop, or a crook, please visit the application link or send us an application by clicking here. Join Us Today! Our Aims: Member Happiness, Member Relations, Member Satisfaction

Official Requirements
  • You must have a Copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 for PlayStation 4 System.
  • You must have PlayStation Plus Membership.
  • You must be at least 14+ years or older to join.
  • You must have a PlayStation 4 Compatible Headset.
  • You must display a mature, professional and respectful attitude towards other members.
  • You must have discord for communication use.
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Shock Wave

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Still actively looking for new members. We roleplay about 5 times a week. We are also adding new material and additions to the community. Don’t hesitate to join us, apply today to have an exciting, serious and fun roleplay experience.
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