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I thought id share a quick story of recent with you all... while you have your morning coffee maybe.

It's basically GTA related ofc, and is between two crew leaders. One being myself. And one being from another crew I hadn't heard of.


So I'm playing my game the other night with my crew. ( A quick rundown, we have been around for 6 years and have more members come and go than you have changed underwear in your life. For lots of reasons, family, timing, moving house, new commitments, gf, bf doesn't approve, person doesn't fit in, had an argument with someone, crew killing, drama llama's. Whatever... lots of reasons people come and go. It's part of having a big crew, any good crew leader will tell you this. You learn to have a strong backbone and work off of that and encourage the newer or lower ranked members to step up and become part of that backbone.)

Just wanted to point out, I have seen it and done it, been featured many times and probably tried the same tricks as every new crew leader. Anyway, back to the story...

So this random guy messages me one night and asks me. "Hey, are you having issues In your crew or sending players over to mine? Is there a reason so many of your members are leaving?"

I saw this and laughed. Like firstly, does this guy even know what crew he is talking about for us to have an issue with our players lmao. And then laughed some more at this dude trying to be smart about finding out information about why some of my guys might be cross crew playing rather than asking them which would be the right thing to do and source in my eyes.

DON'T BE A NOSY SNITCH is what I was thinking, and he was either asking the wrong person or asking the wrong question is where I was.

So I tell dude, we are having no problems and to ask his crew why they are deciding to join 2 crews instead.

Why would I know why people are joining his crew? I have no idea. But he seems comfortable enough to ask me if I'm going through some stuff. lol.

He tells me he was just wondering and has some crew invites or something from some members and "the last he can do is ask me the question." Idk... I felt like this dude was trying to just be on some Informant, find out type shit. Gta is a game. Play the game... also the last thing he could of done was not said anything at all, or introduced himself at the minimum first. Not ask me some dumb stuff off the bat like I already know who he is. No. I dont.

It's 4am for me. Late. So I ask this guy further which of my players are cross crew playing. As two crew leaders, (usually) conversations about members isn't a secret society taboo type shit, it's common to LEARN (not copy) how people co ordinate their clan hierarchy/roles/responsibilities etc.. and this guy doesn't wanna tell me a pretty basic thing lol.. Why? He's scared of these new people causing drama, and doesn't want to.. (check this).. out them for it. it's not fair to them


This some straight b.s..

This guy hits me up to ask why people are supposedly leaving my crew. And when I ask him who is cross playing in two crews so I can better understand why they might want to and conversate with him like two leaders, he doesn't wanna tell me because he is scared of losing the rship between him and these new people he doesnt even know have, not to mention he only met them a few hours earlier. LOL. What is this guy and his morales? I was raised a certain way lol. I dont play with no f*** sh** and this guy just bathed in it.

I tell this guy to stop with the b.s.. lol . If he has something to say or ask to do it. And not play a joker or riddler and ask questions like my broad usually asks me. "Why are people leaving your crew" "are you having problems" lolol who dafuq... anyway...

He gets offended and basically says he was trying to do good! By being a snitch and finding out information from me WITHOUT Sharing what he knows. I was open to a conversation, but then he started being weird and hiding stuff lol.

STOP WITH THAT! You gotta come correct or not come at all with that weird/dirt approach lol. He wanted me to tell him all about my "crew issues" that we supposedly have but not tell me who the SUPPOSED people in question might be lol!!! This is what you call a headache snitch, trying to be everyone's freind but isn't good at anything except collect information on others.

I genuinely felt he needed to understand NOT to ever ask me stupid questions while holding this "I wont tell you shit" attitude so invite him to a chat party to properly talk about this, after him messaging me and asking me to miss him with some bs, he says he is now busy doing heists with crew so can't join but will after. Bear in mind it's 4am for me, i told him it's late and to join it will only take 5 mins to discuss his issue, he says I am being "impatient" LOL....OK.... 40 MINS goes past.... Heists still not complete.... No one joining my chat... Some amazing crew huh lol 40 mins to not even complete one job on Pacific standard

Haven't heard from him since and never will. He asks why are my crew leaving? Lol. We CRKS baby. We been going longer than the GTAV hype itself and this forum. Nothing is leaving other than his plot to debunk whatever it is he was trying to figure out. Just before writing this I accepted over 10 requests to join CRKS which were requested within the last 6 hours, so not sure what you mean Mr. amIhavingproblems


I dont know if he was trying to make a freind from me, or just wanting to address me with something. Either way his approach was terrible. Asking what's wrong with my crew etc. I hope i made him rethink before randonly messaging people ASKING for Information but then disclosing stuff himself. Snitch.

Morale of story: I'm no one special, just someone who has run a successful GTA crew for over 6 years. I dont correct a doctor's prescription so I dont expect someone to correct my GTA recruitment lol. I am always open to open conversations though. Constructive criticism is a must.

When talking with other crew leaders it's Important to understand the common goal you both have of having a good crew. It's not my crew against yours. We can have a crew vs crew for that. Instead the best crew leaders share strategies and also build networks together. Holding each other strong.

So if your a crew leader a d come to ask me something, or any crew leader. Be straight. Don't be scared or fearfull. Approach it openly. You are the same. If people are leaving my crew and it worries you because they join yours. At least have the respect, if your going to open a conversation be open and honest. Not fearful and hide things.

Don't be that guy. Who wants to know everything but shares nothing. Out of fear, not honour.

Your crew members will come and go, leaders stay. Build links with other crew leaders don't piss them off or question them. You both share the same goal. Leadership. Your crew is an extension of that.

Stronger together. Share your success with fellow crews. Don't hide behind fake ethics especially if you want your crew to grow.

Peace and blessings.

Ps. On a side note if anyone is genuinely reading this thinking "I wish I could recruit more people to my crew" or "how can I get 10 new recruits a day aswell" etc, I am one DM away. I am approachable, just have to do it right, not accusing me of having problems in my crew. Ask and I will share how to build strong loyal crew members by using and other means. Anyone can do it. You just need a little dedication. Hope you enjoyed the read.

Disclaimer: this may get edited or removed but I have not mentioned any names or crews on purpose because the lesson is within the context of the text not the other crew or other crew leaders shortfall. Thats what you call hiding names for a REAL honourable reason.
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