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Realistic Roleplay Members only. Please only apply if you would like to have a realistic roleplay experience.


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I am interested and absolutely a realistic roleplayer, but the link says the invite is invalid. Is there another way to apply?


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Hello, from all of us here at DOJPS4 Roleplay Community.

We are an established Realistic Roleplay Community. We have a great active community that is always looking to expand with other like minded people.

DOJPS4 lets you experience the joys of living out your dream life in Los Santos. We have a great established economy and detailed careers for all. This is a great roleplay community that enjoys engaging with new people each day.

While with us you will be able to benefit from all roleplay tools we have provided.
(a few examples)
Most Sessions will be Streamed Live on Twitch and YouTube from Multiple Cameras.
Are you a Streamer ? Please let us know and we would love to add your camera to our streams in sessions.

Active Discord Community
Over 150 Members
Live Stream Patrols
Realistic CAD for Every Member
Established Economic System
Property and Auto Markets
25+ Occupations
Fun/Realistic Roleplay Experience
Frequent Official Servers
Highly Active Community
Access to 8 Department
Realistic DMV, Firearm Registration, License, and much more.

Emergency Services
Realistic CAD for every branch of Emergency Services
Realistic Emergency Service Roleplay Experience
LEO Training
Dedicated Dispatch
Realistic Citation, Arrest, And Sentencing
Elevated Pay for new members
Opportunities in every department for productive members.
Advancement to 8 different Specialized Departments for role-play accuracy
And Much More!

Twitch Streams:

CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR DISCORD AND APPLY View attachment 6348View attachment 6350View attachment 6351View attachment 6645
The invite does not work
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