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East Texas Community Roleplay® PS4

What we have to offer

Realistic CAD/MDT
Zello Walkie Talkie for LEO
Gun Shop
Everyday Pay
Open positions

And many more!!

Our Mission

ETCRP'S goal is to finally be one of the most realistic community's out there, with no fail roleplay or any of that nonsense, plus this community is drama free so don't hesitate to join!

How long does it take to get in

To get in to our server, its a simple click of a button and a simple application in your DMs by our bot, once its finished, if approved, Your In!!


We only accept the best of the best here so join if you know What your doing, this community is not exactly for first time roleplayers. There will be trainings once a week though for updated department features etc...

Thanks for hearing us out and we hope to see you in our servers!

-Founder Tex

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