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Genesis Evolution Roleplay Community

Welcome to Genesis Evolution a online Xbox One Roleplay Community With over 60 members and growing! We are a strict community and would love to have every single one of you!

Available Departments

San Andreas Fire Department
Communications Department
Civilian Department
Los Santos Police Department
+ Sub-departments
- Los Santos Vice Unit
- Los Santos Investigations Bureau
- Los Santos Port Authority (Temporarily Closed)
- Los Santos Bike Unit (Temporarily Closed)
San Andreas State Police
+ Sub-departments
- San Andreas Speed Enforcement (Temporarily Closed
- San Andreas Bike Unit (Temporarily Closed)
- San Andreas Canine Unit (Temporarily Closed)
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
+ Sub-departments
- Blaine County Rangers (Temporarily Closed)
- Blaine County Canine Unit (Temporarily Closed)

What we offer

Everyday Roleplays lasting 12+ hours sometimes

Friendly Staff

Good CAD/MDT system

Good Money System

Multiple Departments

And Much More!

Join the Discord to get added to all of the fun

Discord Link:

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