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Join our interview server today! No application just 1 simple interview!

We have already grew to 36 members in the Main Server in only a day as well as 50 in the interview server!! We do interviews every hour to make sure your not sitting around waiting for that interview. Read below for more information about the server!

Link to interview server:

The following departments are open!

Government Jobs Available
  1. Los Angeles Police Department
  2. Los Angeles Sheriffs Office
  3. Los Angeles Highway Patrol
  4. Fire & EMS
Civilian Jobs Available
  1. Tow Truck
  2. Trucker
  3. Mechanic
  4. Uber
  5. Grey Hound Bus Driver
  6. Pilot
  7. Lawyer
  8. News Reporter
  9. Car Dealership
  10. Real Estate Agent
  11. Construction Worker
  12. Bartender
  13. Marijuana Shop Employee
  14. DJ
  15. Security Officer
  16. Body Guard
  17. Music Producer
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