PS4 Lets organize a crew meet!


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Fellow members,

Lets be honest, GTA is that decade old game we love because of the people we play with, the nostalgic open world scenario, the regular updates the game receives and the creativity of the people who play the game!

Our crew regularly have crew nights were we organize to meet a different crew and run some activities wether it be a few races, chopping it up in a private lobby taking snaps, or my personal favorite, a crew car cruise! Its a good way for your crew to meet freindly, skilled players and a big flex for you crew owners. Your guys will love it. Heck, you will love it.

Away from the crew vs crew style of competition, this is a more relaxed, no killing other player's kind of meet where ALL players of skills and level can join for a catchup and laugh.

If you wanna grab your fav guys n gals and jump in a lobby with us hit me or one of our commisioners up on socialclub, PSN or here and we can hash over the details of when and where we can set this up.

Happy gaming and see you in LS!

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