PC looking for a active mc


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i'm looking for a mc been playing alone for some time now and it's not really fun riding your bike by yourself if you don't have a mc to do it with.


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i know what your saying i would love to be on a ride out with about 20 others but all my crew do is buzz around on mk2`s


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I got my crew emblem from gta crew emblem site, I cant remember the exact one but it was $2, Nugsy told me about it.


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Hey Guys.

My name is Del, I'm running an MC in an GTA Roleplay server called Escape RP. We roleplay as members of The Lost MC. There are currently 4 of us, could be doing with some more players. As it's an RP server we play in, we don't have biker missions, buy/sell missions or flying mk2, hydra, laser jets etc. We have people playing as cops, people playing as other gang members. So we make our money selling drugs, robbing stores/banks and hunting. We ride, have beef with other gangs.

If you're interested, can send you links to our Discords and to the RP server.


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