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Because of the coronavirus i've gotten back into GTA heavily and am looking for a crew to play the game again with. Im currently a level 82 with 6 million in the bank just trying to grind money, level, and have fun in the party. Lmk if thats what ur crews about.

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If I could interest you with our crew. We are a grinding crew, we don't actively PVP but we do go and tear things up time to time. Check out this link below for more details. I look forward to hearing from you.



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I have the crew just for you mate, we are a family. One that fights together and grinds together. We do heist's including B2B, stunt races & playlists, crew events/meets, weekly competitions/challenges, lobby takeovers and we have a Facebook messenger chat, crew is called SAS2


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I'm on Nintendo 3ds hmu if you want to burn houses down and make noobs cry. Maybe... rob a bank. We dont like money so my crew lives in the tent city behind the strip club


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We would love to have you or anyone here in Black River PMC you do not have to have past experience, a good K.D or be high level to join us. To join or seek further information please message and add Brendanassassin1#3556 on discord or Brendanassassin1 on ps4 and for a direct discord link to the server also our newest trailer
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