PC Looking for Mature crew


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I'm looking for a mature crew in my 30s here and not interested in playing with children. I can play tactical I dont mind some fun but not into endlessly shooting each other. I like to keep my character normal looking, I'm not into people only wearing a cowboy hat boots and underwear. I dont wanna cringe every time I see someone in my crew lol. Big fan of muscle cars in game and irl motorcycles etc. But the crew doesn't have to be a MC. I have discord and a mic. I'm a bit shy at first but I warm up pretty quickly. Message me if intrested on here or steam or social club my username is Huffatron on all 3.


Talking Troll
I have an active crew, join SAS3 on pc. We aren’t just like any crew out there. We are a family. One that fights together and grinds together, we have regular crew meets and a Facebook messenger chat.
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