Xbox One LSBC Roleplay - CAD + Discord + Penal Code + Banking (Priority for Public Safety Applicants)

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Los Santos/Blaine County Roleplay (LSBC) is a realistic and professional GTA V roleplay community for Xbox One, created from the former Xbox One community known as San Andreas State Role Play (SASRP), a community which ran successful roleplays for roughly 4 years. LSBC is dedicated to having realistic roleplay scenarios which create immersion and enjoyment for all departments involved, where no member is left feeling as if they have nothing to do.

With our fully functioning CAD system and extensive Discord channel, we have the tools at our disposal to deliver some of the best roleplay experiences you will encounter.

Whether you are new to roleplaying or a seasoned veteran, you'll know you are in good hands with our experienced members and command staff.

Currently Recruiting:
- Civilian Department
- Law Enforcement (Los Santos Police Department and Blaine County Sheriffs Office)
- Public Safety Department (PRIORITY RECRUITMENT)
- Dispatch

Join LSBC today and be part of the foundation of a new community which aims to be just as successful as its predecessor.

To find out more and apply visit our website at:
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Anyone interested in joining our Law Enforcement Department should apply as soon as you can, training is being held this week!
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