Make A Sentence Game


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Don't think I seen this one in the forums so I'll go ahead and post it.

The rules of the game are pretty simple, I'll start by giving three words, the next poster must make a sentence using those three words, then giving three words of their own for the next person to use!

Example: Bump, ran, cat. So the sentence would look something like; I ran so fast from the cat that I tripped and now have a bump on my head.

So here we go..... First three words... Quest, Cup, Demented.


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yo bro i huerd u lik meh rpg, turtle coconut and my gun, so i made you a rpg turtle gun shooter with da smeel of coconut

random butts, like, lolol


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One time I went to this party and asked this hot chick to dance, she said yes and I ended up pooping myself.

Woodchuck, tubes, strepacaucus
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