Modder Guard Plugin?

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I know this doesn't apply to everyone but, has anyone ever heard of this "Modder Guard" thing? A couple of players in a recent session I was in kept saying they had to download it asap. Apparently it's suppose to keep you protected from modders at no cost?

Based on the little I know about how this stuff works... I'm assuming its a menu like the modders use but extremely very-limited to "protection" rather than trolling and money dropping or whatever. If this is the case, wouldn't this technically also be considered messing with the game mechanics and therefore a bannable offence per R* terms?

Just curious what you guys think about all this stuff. Would you get this Modder Guard thing? I'm on PC and the amount of not-so-friendly modders floating around is ridiculous. I'm constantly looking for small sessions or jumping into a Solo one. At the moment I'm seriously considering hunting down this Modder Guard thing but I'm hesitating because it sounds like a bannable offense.

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