NeosDumb - GTA V PC - 'The Industrialists': Corporate Sim Crew Leader


Talking Troll
Hi Guys, I'm NeosDumb.

I am the Crew Leader for 'The Industrialists' GTA V PC Crew

I play GTA Online because I like Cars, Flying and the Business aspect of the game, this means I am mostly non-combative and act against other players only in self-defence; and as I like to conduct business in populated lobbies this means that I still PVP combat with other players quite regularly.

The 'Corporate Sim' style of play is an extremely light RP; basically to look cool as I go around Los Santos in convoy with the Armoured Gallivanter Ballers with the Crew Logo on them, flanked by two young players who act as my Driver, Pilot and Bodyguards.
The corporate sim style of play means I always start of a session with the crew at the boardroom table in the CEO offices to plan out the days required actions.

The Crew acts like the Holding Company for all the members businesses, so I see them as being a subsidiary of the Crew, then we work out an order of business and complete the business requirements for each of the member businesses.

Look for me on the Crew Recruitment page - The Industrialists
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