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There hasn't been many instances of this but I'd like other forum owners to be considerate when recruiting. I understand there are many gaming communities out there searching for ways to gain members and that's great. I do not appreciate you using the recruitment section for the sole purpose of advertising your forum. Please do not be coy and pretend that your posts are not purposely promoting your community over recruitment.

All posts in this section should heavily focus on promoting their GTA ONLINE crew. If you intend to convert your GTA Online crew to your gaming community, then please do that off site or in private.

If you feel the need to advertise/promote/link exchange with or within our network please speak to @Persh.

Note: This is not intended for crews who have made forums for themselves to conduct private discussions or crew activities. This post strictly pertains to other gaming communities who are recruiting on the website for the sole purpose of gaining members and activity on their website vs gaining members for their gta online crew.
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