Question for the RP ppl


that guy
I watch the RP ppl like I watch everyone. Something that I've noticed is that the roles are predominantly first responders and civilians. Why is it that nobody wants a good villain? Just an uncontrollable mad dog who destroys everything and isn't going to be taken in outside of a body bag? Why is controlled chaos anything that you would want? How can you be a cop without worrying about taking two in the chest on a traffic stop? A rehearsal for a bank robbery? I understand that for a criminal but with the police? I think not. Why be a paramedic that knows where the blood bath is preemptively? Or a firefighter who knows what the arsonist is doing?
I just don't understand why everyone wants first responders and not a group of unpredictable miscreants and villains. Spontaneous combustion is why these first responders exist... where's the flavor? Civilians live life in peace predictably criminals are combatants and base successes on the elements of surprise and force.

I am ignorant please enlighten me with the rationale. Or am I just completely wrong
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