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XBox One Jobs for Daily Objectives

Not many partake these days but I do my daily objectives every day.
For those that don't know, there are fair rewards to be earned for daily players.
If you get 28 days in a row doing 3 tasks a day you'll get $500k & 50,000 RP.
That's on top of what you get for each objective, on top of $25k & 3k RP a day AND $100k & 10k RP a week!
If it's not an option for you to get on every day, you can get payouts for every 10 objectives done (@3 per day).
Completing dailies, weeklies and a monthly amounts to a total reward of $1.6 million and 194,000 RP
Not including any $ & RP earned in the individual tasks.

With these in mind I have created some jobs that allow you to simply 'get it done'.
You can be asked to do all sorts of tasks including captures and various race types.
If you have to do a GTA race for example, just do Criminal records on your own for one lap, set to GTA.
For many others (esp' captures) they can be time consuming....

The following captures are literally over with in three or four seconds.

Quick Capture Contend :
Quick Capture Hold :
Quick Capture GTA :
Quick Capture Raid :

Quick LTS is quick but still a test :
Two to eight players spawn in to a duel. 120m apart, armed with heavy snipers and facing each other in the middle of a road. Due to the curve of the road you can only see the head & shoulders of your target. Whoever is quickest to 'draw' and fire wins.

Quick Sea Race :

Quick Air Race
(with 'under bridge') :

Nugsy 1

XBox One : Nugsy 1

Can't someone make these for other platforms? Or does nobody do daily objectives these days?


Rocks7ar Crew Leader
I have been doing them this week, you get 1 million gta dollars for doing 10 in 10 days easy money, they have done this a few times recently.
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