Talking Troll
Character's Name: Sophie Clark
Character's Dob: 08/23/1989
Character's role: Civ
Character Background:

just a small town girl with big dreams, has lived the s.a her whole life with brother sister and her mom as her father passed early from being gunned down on a traffic stop while working with the LSPD. standing 5'5 125 lbs , blonde hair and blue eyes and a face so cute you swear she was younger then her age of 30. She has a huge heart and wouldn't hesitate to help who ever needed a hand. She fell in love with a county police chief named James Hardy when she relocated from LS to Sandy Shores after a traffic stop found her stunting down route 68 on her bati 801. Sophie and James didn't last long however as James daughter from a past relationship moved home and was causing grief in the family, she left James never to speak to him again. A few years passed and Sophie learned her way around a motorcycle, how to up keep, improve power etc after her mother passed away to try and fill the void of her she left behind. Sophie then fell into a deep depression not knowing what to do next, she ended up getting some notoriety with a local chop shop who ran illegal parts and supplies around the county. Sophie has built up a bit of a rap sheet for stunting, high speeds, and trafficking while hanging with her new friends and her job.
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