PC Recruitment for Cartel Cueramo Crew (+7 active people)


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Crew Name
Cartel Cueramo

Cartel Cueramo is recruiting people. It's a organised crew based on cartel style. It generally focus on selling drugs, or counterfeit cash, but it also organise many heists like casino heist etc. Cartel guarantee, useful help, trainings, events but especially fun.
I am looking for people with varied skills, like driving skills or combat, who are disciplined and mature.
Looking for:
Sicario: Assasins, responsible for kidnapping, assasinations, thefts and defending turfs.
Requirements: Great Combat skill, decent driving skill and at least 10-15 Level
Supplier: Responsible for helping with delievering supplies for Cartel factories.
Requirements: Decent driving skill. at least 5 level.
Halcones: Falcons, who are basic soldiers. They are responsible for spying. Basic soldiers, who are lowest in hierarchy.
Requirements: None


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Hey! I'd be interested in joining. I consider myself to be a decent driver and pilot, so I'd be glad to fill any role there. I'll be on in an hour and should be on most of the night! My social club sn is xXHandOfKarmaXX and my steam sn is HandOfKarma. I'm just looking for mature people to play with and help out with sell missions, ect.
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