PS3 Rod's vs. tuner's race challenge car show event, feb 28/2015

RODS or TUNERS which is best?

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Speed typer
Do have a passion for tuners? maybe for rod's? Do you have a tuner or a rod type crew? Do you like to race & have a challenge? Do you believe out of a rod and a tuner one is best? Time for answers at the RODS VS. TUNERS race challenge event! Join us February 28th, 2015 at 7pm[est] start time*.
Here is the official advertisement poster [above] JUNKYARD RODS cc is posting on every car show hot spot in GTAV/O. A feature allied crew event for the WANGAN Speed Stars. 2 teams, 1 winner its rod's versus tuner's! The choice is up to you whether it be a "rod" or a "tuner", race battle through 4 "home-turf" challenges for points towards your team. Challenges include; drag race [rod's home turf], Touge race initial D style [tuner's home turf], "old school chicken" drag race 1pt first over line/1pt closest to edge [rod's home turf], tokyo drift one goes left one goes right as you race up, down, and out of a parking structure watching out at "bully" passes and the "cross-over" [tuner's home turf].
*Start time is 7pm [est] Canada, but official start when all entry's arrive.
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