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San Andreas Roleplay is a huge community with daily roleplays with over 20 people in. Our roleplay times are flexible for all timezones allowing us to host people all over the world. We have several departments within our server in and out of roleplay. We have public relations; staff team; internal affairs; department of justice and more to come. Our staff team is very welcoming and active to help you out and implement new features into our server!

We have a professional and feature-full CAD powered by RocketCAD and have custom bots to make roleplays better. We've been around for almost 3 years since our creation on the 8th August 2017 and we've stood since then. We hope to see you all in our community soon!
San Andreas State Police (Law Enforcement)
  • S.W.A.T
  • Detectives Bureau
  • T.E.U (Traffic Enforcement Unit)
Civilian Operations
Los Santos Fire Department (Firefighters + Paramedic)
Communications Department (Dispatch)

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You can join via discord where further instructions will be told! We are excited to see you there.
We hope to see you soon,​
SARP Team.​


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