PC The Aquila Mafia


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Crew Name
The Aquila Mafia
The Aquila Family

Rockstar Social Club: https://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_aquila_family/wall

Discord Name: jeff#3716


Recruitment Video:

The Aquila Family mafia is currently looking for members WORLDWIDE who are interested in joining a grinding mafia styled crew! Our goal is to make a friendly and engaging environment for all players alike to come together to play some GTA online mafia style.




If you’re tired of playing solo and want to be apart of a community that is held up by comradeship then the Aquila Family is for you. We participate in entertaining shenanigans, roleplaying mafia missions, and making that hard cash. Because remember, money talks, the more money the louder it talks.





We value respect above all else, we expect all of our members to act with dignity and to represent the family. We have no rules on gameplay, we do not wish to restrict the way anyone wants to play. There are no clothing restrictions, no weapon restrictions, and no car restrictions. We require members to be active 1-2 times a week minimum but this is not mandatory. Life always comes first, once you can get back online we’ll be right here for you. Other than this, the most important rule is the family comes first.

We do, however, require suits to be worn for celebrations and big meetings as a formality and to look presentable. We also have rules on our discord involving misconduct and unacceptable behaviors.

We require that our members be +16 and show some level of maturity.



Join our discord!



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