The *OFFICIAL* GTA V Crews List


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Crew Name: Northern Raiders Motorcycle Club
Social Club link:
Leader Username: Hardz87

Contact links/emails for challenges & recruitment:

Crew Website:
Crew Goals:
No goals.... Just fuck sh*t up when we feel like it haha....
Motorbikes ONLY!
Just imagine rolling down the freeway or in the city streets surrounded by 30, 40, 50+ bikies with the same "F*CK YOU!" attitude....


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Crew Name: Grove St. Assassins
Social Club link:
Leader Username: gorams2011 is the leader and I am 2nd in command GhostHunterElite
Crew Website:
Crew Goals:
Become the biggest and most successful crew out there! We wanna participate in all GTA activities such as missions, Racing, stunts and just all around good times! Our leader also has DLC that crew members will be able to use!


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Crew Name: The Bauden Family
Our Social Club Page
Leader Username: jordanleeshaw
Contact links/emails for challenges & recruitment:
Crew Website:
Crew Goals:
-Our main goal is for the gameplay to be fun and enjoyable. Many times have I seen failed games due to annoyances from other players.

Other goals include;
- A wonderful community
- A packed-full-of-fun experience
- The acquisition of teamwork skills
- To be recognised as a well thought-out and productive family/crew
- To show that we're not push overs and that our focus is looking after one another
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Crew Name: S-London Assassins
Social Club link:
Leader Username: ps3 and others : sgt_seakz
Contact links/emails for challenges & recruitment: here, psn, socialclub
Crew Website: none yet
Crew Goals:
Do you really think any of these so called loyal crews are gonna give a crap about you when Online comes out?? remember 16 people to map soo you gonna get lost out.....come join my crew we have 2 guys so far but will go up to 20-30 before the game comes out, 20 is low enough to keep a tight knit family...i want everybody to get to know each other and leave no one out....HOW MANY OTHER CREWS DO YOU THINK ARE GONNA BE LIKE THAT.....join us if you share that dream!!!!!!! ps3 only


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If you've got a crew reply below with the following info! All info is option except the Crew Name itself!
We need something to go by derp derp.
Crew Name: Hustle Hard
Social Club link:
Leader Username: K-Dogg11
Contact links & recruitment: Message K-Dogg11 or myself Bolton87 on socialclub.
Crew Goals: Making money, By Any Means, through teamwork. We support ALL our team.


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Crew Name: Sushi Club
Social Club link:
Leader Username: WhatNow49
Contact links/emails/game names for challenges & recruitment: Message me here or contact WhatNow49 or DrunkenSushi on Rockstar Social Club.
Crew Website: Still being made!
Crew Goals: Thrill-seeking, taking over the Pacific Bluffs, and having good times with the team.
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