PS4 The Rancho Families (Crew/Gang)


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Crew Name
The Rancho Families Set (Crew/Gang)
Hi guys my name is Haze

Today I'm making an advertisement for my Hella new Gang which called

The Rancho Families Set.

Backstory :

Rancho families set

was formed by a group of teenagers from chamberlain who did not understand that the ballas now rule the grove street

They are filled with hatred for the ballas and have made a name for themselves through violence

Basically, the Rancho Familis set belong to the families gang, but sometimes there are even shootings among each other

The goal is to reunite the families.

How to join:

If we have sparked your interest and you would like to join us.

Here are a few links which can make it easy for you to join.

Discord :

Or even our social club on rockstargames

Link :

You can also send me a discrete message

My Psn:


Still to mention:

In order to prevent our playing style, we only accept players who are at the age of 16 and have a mic, we have also set up rules that you have to follow to be able to stay with us please only accept if you are serious
PS : we are still looking for anyone who could make a dope emblem for the crew.

Hopefully we get to hear from each other soon and you keep it green outside




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Interesting, I Allways wanted to join a street gang in gta v but never found an active one.

If you guys are still active I would like to play with you a few rounds to see how you are.
Of course we are click on the Discord link or on the Rockstar link

You definitely need Discord to communicate with us and read the rules.

Cannot wait to meet you IG.

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