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is it me but every goddam lobby has someone in godmode, why ? if you suck at the game that much that you need godmode go play fifa.
$750,000 to kill me you must want my ass bad, I see it as a compliment everytime some bitch uses their orbital cannon on me.


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The kids using the orbital cannon are using that glitch where they don't have to pay for it, and those that do are using modded money anyway. There will always be players who cheat at a game because they aren't good at it. I used to use cheats in the old Nintendo days to do crazy shit I couldn't do otherwise, but using god mode against online players wouldn't be fun to me. Only toxic assholes use god mode against other players. If a player wants to use it against NPC's to do something crazy fun, then that's ok, just don't use it against players trying to have their own fun.

Even though R* allows you to report these players, nothing really happens of any consequence. What they should do is add a piece of code where it detects that a player should have been killed by XYZ action, but if they aren't dead then they may have god mode enabled. Not killed 2nd time confirms god mode and instant ban for a week. After that it becomes 30 day ban and 3rd offense is permanent. Then they can go play FIFA....offline.
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