Xbox One TS47 RolePlay Clan Hiring | Active Members Only | Interviewed Today | More Info on Post | No Inactive Members Allowed

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Head Admin of TS47 Xbox One: YT UK Gaming
TS47 RP Clan is Hiring anyone with the following requirements after this sentences. We have a working CAD/MDT, Discord Server which is running smoothly we have been ran since on Xbox 360 but now have been transferred to Xbox One TS47 RP Clan was founded in the year 2019 been running for one year all the details to apply will be in our discord server. Our Dispatchers can be on any console

Thank You

YT UK Gaming

Head Admin and Interviewer of TS47 RP Clan


Have a working mic (cannot be a Kinect)

Be kind to all of the Clan Members

Never FailRP

Age Requirements 12+ (Will accept people who are 2 months before 12th Birthday)

Have to Speak English

Be mature.

NO BULLYING (or you are kicked from the clan)


Always be honest

If you haven’t been trained as a full LEO you will be a Partner with someone else who is a Fully Experienced Police Officer

If you break any of these rules you will either be kicked or banned from this server we will give you three warnings you will be suspended from some period of time depends on how serious the situation is.

No explosives

No exploding vehicles

No crashing into police cars whilst they are on Traffic Stop (FAILRP)

FAILRP list:

Cop Baiting

Civ Baiting

Taking off from an car accident which you have been involved in

Shot but still taking off

Tased but still taking off

Killing players for no reason

Changing clothes in a public please do this only in a clothes store or your house

What is FAILRP?

FAILRP is when you are in a RP Server but doing something that isn't to do with the roleplay or your not doing the roleplay correctly or failing to RolePlay and keep doing of what the game is suppose to be like isn't an option which will get you instant banned

What does FAILRP stand for:

FAILRP stands for Fail RolePlay which you are failing to do the roleplay (look at sentence 2)

1. What is Cop Baiting?

Cop Baiting is something that you are doing something correctly like following the rules then you try and get a cops attention into you are wanting them to pull you over that's Cop Baiting cause You are wasting the police officers time and it will be annoying for other officers that're trying to deal with something

3. What is Taking off from a car accident which you have been involved in?

Taking from a Car Accident that you are involved in is actually illegal plus its FAILRP cause you are suppose to RP a crash even if you hit a Pedestrian or hit an AI vehicle with AI driving it still counts as an accident

4. What is Shot but still taking off?

Shot but still taking off is actually FAILRP cause in real life once you have been shot you never try and run away cause there is a bullet in you cause its actually FAILRP in RolePlay even know you are in a Videogame it's like Real Life as a RolePlay

5. What is Tased but still taking off?

Tased but still taking off is actually not possible to run away whilst Tased cause you have been flared which counts as a Taser you would never try and take off when you have been Tased cause your body has been bolted with electric from a taser

6. What is killing players for no reason?

Killing players for no reason is actually not sensible plus it will be annoying everyone to get everything back to normal again even though its a Videogame it's a Real Life RolePlay

7. What is changing your clothes in public?

Changing your clothes in public is not actually good cause you would never do this in a public place this is FAILRP never do this in RolePlay please change your clothes in Clothes Store or your Safehouse

Civillian Classed Vehicles that are and not allowed in the Clan

Vehicles that are allowed






Boats but not on the Sea

Civillian Vehicle's that aren’t allowed

Weaponised Vehicles (Only Military)


Armoured Vehicles (Only Military)

Lazers (Only Military)

Emergency Vehicles that are used:

LSPD: LSPD Cruiser/FIB Buffalo/FIB Granger

BCSO: Sheriff Cruiser/Sheriff Granger

State Police: FIB Buffalo/FIB Granger

SAHP: Highway Patrol Bike

EMS: Ambulance

Firefighter: Fire Truck

Fire Chief: Lifeguard/FIB Granger

Military: Weaponised Vehicles

Uber/Lyft (Taxi Driver): Oracle, Cavalcade or Primo

Zello Server:

Emergency Services: TS47 RP Clan Xbox One

We do have a working CAD/MDT

Please if their is a problem with a Clan Member who u think has broken one of these rules then please fill out our Report a Member form then the Management team will sort out the Situation if it’s a personal problem then we can’t sort it out so you have been warned

If you are a Police Officer, EMS/Firefighter, Dispatcher or ASU (Civillian needs Discord is well) you need Zello Walkie Talkie App and Discord

Following Divisions Hiring

LSPD: Open

LS Gang Unit: Open

BCSO: Open

SAHP: Open

SWAT: Open

Air Support Unit: Open

LSFD: Needed

LSPS (Ambulance/EMS): Needed

Emergency Services Dispatcher: (Age: 13): Needed

Civilian: Needed

Bus Driver: Open

Uber Driver/Lyft Driver: Open

Bounty Hunter: Open

Military (Age 12+): Open

Park Rangers: Open

Store Clerk: Open

Truck Driver: Open

Car Dealership Seller: Open

If there’s one on here that you like to be and it’s not in the list please message me and I’ll see if there’s an opening

Anything you want but it has to be sensible as we are a Serious RP Clan

Training will be provided

Once this has been completed one of our staff will review it

Training Provided:

Police Training:

Police 10 Codes

Citations with points and court summons



Traffic Stops

Pursuit Tactics

Accident Training

Traffic Control

Bank Heist

First Aid

Shooting Practice

EMS Training:

First Aid


Fire Training:

Responding to a Fire


Dispatch Training:

Police 10 Codes


Military Training (not yet providing detail)

Taxi Driver Training

Driving Lessons

Prices of the fares

Bus Driver Training

Prices of the fares

Driving Lessons

Please ask me for the Discord Link to join
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YT UK Gaming

Head Admin of TS47 Xbox One: YT UK Gaming
We have just removed all Members that are Inactive but we have more to remove for inactivity we dropped down to 20 Members Opened up All Departments
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