Xbox One/PS4 How to look like the ASU with the Aircraft Helmet

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Parachute (Ammu-Nation, Browse Weapons, Parachute)

Step 1 Hold down your Select Button to open your Interaction Menu

Step 2 Go to Style

Step 3 Go down to Auto Show Aircraft Helmet

Step 4 Put Auto Show Aircraft Helmet on

Step 5 Go to the Heli-Pads

Step 6 Go into a Helicopter

Step 7 Repeat Steps 1 and 2

Step 8 Go to Parachute

Step 9 Push left and right if you have the following it doesn’t matter if you don’t have them it’s only two if you just bought the Parachute. Parachute, Smoke Trails, Bag, Primary, Reserve do it from bottom to top only do this once on all of them

Step 10 Once done that step then come out of the interaction menu and keep an eye out for a yellow circle in the right corner

Step 11 Once it appears wait for it to go then go to your pause menu, go to online and select Swap Character then yes

Step 12 Select the Character that you where using for the glitch it will have the aircraft helmet on your character
Video Right Here
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