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About Us
Xbox's Finest Roleplay Is A Brand New Grand Theft Auto Xbox Roleplay Server Which Was Founded By An Experienced Set Of Roleplayers Who Focus On Bringing You The Best Roleplay Experience You Can Get.
The Roleplays Are Set In The Fictional State Of San Andreas, Which Is Home To Such Places Like Los Santos And Blaine County
The Type Of Roleplays We Create Are Life Roleplays, Meaning Anyone Can Do Almost Anything! We Carry Some Restrictions For Certain Ranks In Order To Teach New Players The Basics Of Roleplay. For Experienced Players We Offer A Probationary Period To Ensure You Get Your Deserved Rank For Your Skill Level.
Because We Are A Life Roleplay We Need Police So You Can Apply To Help Us!


Departments Include:
➥ Los Santos Police Department
➥ Blaine County Sheriffs Office
➥ San Andreas Highway Patrol
➥ Los Santos Fire Department
➥ Civilian Operations
➥ San Andreas Communications Center


Even Though We Are A Small Community Give Us A Chance To Show You What We're About
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