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I’m in a Car Meet Crew feel free to join in its Xbox One and it’s GTA Related pls message me ur Gamertag there is a ticket to sign in order to join us there is a car meet tomorrow no cops no killing and no weaponised cars any other car is allowed Staff Word is final a warning will be issued fail to comply will kick u from the session and you’ll be blacklisted pls ask me 4 details
Proud owner of SADRP, the community means everything to me and I would do anything in my ability to ensure each and every member who comes into my community gets the most out of their experience.
Hey there! Interested in joining our community? Feel free to check out our website! Our RP community has some of the most realistic and enjoyable Public Safety v Civilians Roleplay. join our freshly new server we got what you all positions available we have 7 in there just click the discord link apply were trying to make it big fun but serious community so stop on by and let's have a great rp
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